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I was just telling someone about the Parks Inflation Index the other day. Glad to see the latest iteration of it!

Parks' Inflation Index (PII) is a great institution - thanks, Eric, for contributiung PII to our blog.

"I miss my beloved 1/2 gallon ice cream containers the most!"

One of my earliest memories as a child living in Kaiserslautern (K-Town) were the "open house" events at institutions of the US military, especially the air shows at the Ramstein US Air Base. This is where I dicovrered and admired the incredible size of American ice-cream boxes.

Similarly, our late good neighbour whose company specialised in the interatlantic tranfer of private cars of US military personnel, use to supply us with gallon-sized bottles of Jim Beam, I don't remember the exact size of the bottle, but it struck me as gargantuan and lasted very long in our household of moderate drinkers.

Thanks, Laura. I was a bit surprised that the PII had lowered, however, because it seems like everything's more expensive as a whole. Maybe that's just Bernanke working his inflation expectation magic on me.

Those ice cream boxes can still be found. Both Publix and Blue Bell still have 1/2 gallon containers while most others have dropped to 1.5 quarts. Such a small amount disappears quickly within a household of five.

As for the whiskey, I too own one of those big bottles of Jim Beam. At the current level of consumption (about one drink every two or three weeks), it will probably have to be handed down posthumously.

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