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I liked the part on Romney.

The "militaristic" part really scares me: no interest in facts and truth (who destablised Libya, caused untold carnage and was too ineffective to protect its meddlers over there, and consider the untruths about totally impoverished and militarily hyper-weak Iran). It is not true that the GOP has not stuck to its militaristic agenda, Bush did so thoroughly, and Bubama continues. It's the American malaise, it is bipartisan it is to do with national identity.

What scares me is the level of militaristic hysteria in many Americans that I meet. And you can't reach them they are so scared and inwardly week, they just crave for huge doses of aggressive overkill (typically vis-a-vis the weakest nations on earth).

A notable American Austrian did not turn up for the conference in Turkey that I attended in early October, because his wife urged him to stay away from that Muslim country - again no consideration of facts and truth, just hysteria and panic.

What worries me: Whittles supporters are fear biters. Might this attitude be related to a permanent sense of potential violent threat that Americans seem to experience in everyday life? Americans living in Germany are unanimous in telling me how nice and relaxing it is to live in a country with much lower levels of violence than the US.

At any rate, this psychotic ideology of unwarranted aggression is the real stain (bloody looking huge ketchup stain) on Whittle's shirt and suit.

Of less significance but a nuisance to my eyes - you have this perfectly groomed gentleman and he sucks water out of a cheap water bottle (and invisably, to repeat, soils his pants over figments of paranoia, to much acclaim by his fellow scaredy-pants.

This guy is crazy, with a crazy view of crazy amerikan exceptionalism, a crazy idea of Mitt's money-making, a crazy amount of selective amnesia of policies made by the crazy dimwit who preceded the current crazy president.

"Out of the 4,000 men and women we lost in Iraq…"

You mean, the ones sent there by a conservative president and congress? Apparently, they've now become convenient martyrs for an even more belligerent foreign policy.

What about the next time an innocent middle easterner is killed by weapons or sanctions planned by, designed by, supplied by, implemented by, constructed by amerika? What installation should we lose?

"The power to vaporize a building anywhere in the world at our leisure…"

Can other countries vaporize our buildings at their leisure? What about the sovereignty of nations, like Dr. Paul espouses?

"I have this gun so I can kill bad guys."

So much for self defense. Mr. Whittle has remade gun-ownership into pre-emptive justice.

After all of this, I would sadly have to agree with you, however. There would have been more enthusiasm for a man of Mr. Whittle's "conservative" character.

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