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"We libertarians have no effective theory of political change toward more freedom."

I think this is not entirely a true statement. If one looks at institutions like The Property and Environment Research Center (PERC), and the Institute for Justice (IJ) we find attempts, sometimes successful, at changing the political aspects toward a more libertarian society. I donate to both with the hopes that their work bears fruit. Even the ACLU does libertarian work from time to time and a recent SCOTUS ruling argued by them has proven to successfully allow the protection of a citizen's, and police officer's, right to videotape encounters - undoing state law prohibiting the filming of officers.

As for the normative description, I fail to understand how libertarians escape large amounts of normative thought, being a very small minority in a socialist world. Cracking the veneer of the state (promoted by corporations, schools, politicians and media - all beneficiaries) can only be done by pointing out its wrongdoing as well as suggesting what ought to be. Ideologies get pulled along by the normative, with the hopes that enough people will agree to work toward that never-reached utopian goal.

Also, there are positive examples given when they occur as to how liberty is gaining ground. It does not happen often because free markets and any move in the direction of the classical liberal mindset are pounced upon by an entrenched system. This creates even more normative banter, unfortunately.

Your discerning thoughts are absolutely valid.

I have a clientele in mind that is infinitely cruder in their ways of thinking than you are, or indeed could ever be, Eric.

It is always an enriching pleasure to consider your ideas on an issue.

Presently, my main intellectual challenge, transitorily (I am sure I will chance upon the answers that I am yet missing), is the utter persistence of the state phenonmeneon (in every stage of the progress of human civilization), and I seem to find insufficient help in the libertarian literature to account for it.

Why is the state never ousted, if libertarian schemes are more powerful, more efficient? Why is Germany, one of the richest countries in the world, not exactly based on the Wild West model, nor the still richer United States?

While my emphasis is mainly on this question, at the moment and maybe for a while, it is all the more important that you (and indeed other fellow-bloggers) keep up vigilance vis-a-vis the countless problems and threats emanating from government/the state.

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