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The FBI investigated the source of Greene's funding, and determined that the money came from .... the taxpayers. $6000 from his military discharge, $3000 from tax refunds and $1100 per month in jobless benefits. Living in his father's basement meant his expenses were practically nothing.

The implication here is that the popular Republican icon Jim DeMint was driven to cheat against an unknown primary challenger in a state that's certainly known to be very fiscally conservative. Seriously?

Additionally, exit polls with voters indicated that Greene was popular with black voters because of his name: Greene sounded black, while his opponent was a white man.

Writers who use intentionally dishonest implications to paint their scenario do absolutely nothing to create constructive dialogue.

There's certainly some things that are wrong with our election system. Early voting and absentee ballots make it quite easy for dead people to have a vote counted on election day, a scenario that happens even without cheating. But cherry picking data and ignoring facts that don't suit an agenda only serves to ultimately dilute support for voting reform.

Your response is pretty much like many an email from republicans that I've read - with pretty much the same indignant overtones. DeMint is very-well liked here after all. The snippet posted above is pretty much how the democrats see it (and the article is written by one with progressive leanings, I'll admit).

I posted it because it's been a contentious issue here in SC ever since it happened. For Greene to win big over a well-established democrat certainly raised some eyebrows. And I get many emails from republicans who cry foul along with democrats.

Interesting how democrat voters knew how the one primary candidate looked (white) versus how the other candidate sounded (black). Interesting, too, how exit polls have been so unreliable in many races.



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