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A very fine article. Thanks.

Malthusian thoughts have always been with us - an understandable worry to be sure, and one that refuses to be put to rest. It seems the more we expand our resources, the louder the cry that it cannot be sustained. Yet exhaustibility has proven scarier in theory than in practice. Will they ever be proven correct?

From a government perspective, I'm sure they do not care, so long as the fear remains. Fear of terrorists, fear for children, fear of bad economic times, fear of resource depletion... all of these and many more are the pool in which the politician swims. The soothing words and confident air are a con game, but one in which a promise embraced is better to the social mind than a faith in our abilities and our attributes as a free people.

Why isn't it recognizable, when a politician offers protection from one of these bogeymen, that he or she is in reality denigrating our society?

Thanks, Eric for your, as always much appreciated and highly valued commentary, which - once again - enriches the argument of the post.

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