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On a "closer to home" (to me) note, Channel 5 (Hastings)last night aired a piece about Jane Kleeb "applying" to fill out the rest of Sen. Dennis Utter's term. Who knew that one applied for these things? I just assumed the Guv would plug in one of his politically acceptable hacks, and the carnival would continue.

Anyhoo, Jane is smart, politically savvy, attractive and utterly committed to the New Progressivism. Her "Lil Abner" hubby evinced only one of those characteristics, hence his laughable record at running for office. Jane is a whole 'nuther kettle of fish however (in my opinion).

Nobody with the IQ above that of a potted plant truly believes that Guv Dave will appoint her to Utter's chair (least of all her) - but I predict this is her first shot across the state conservative establishment's bow. The next election cycle will ring with a new battle cry from the trog-progs: Heeeeeeeeeeeere's Janie ....!!

Didn't mean to hijack your thread, but Jane Kleeb is at least as big a threat to liberty as Kerrey ... maybe more so ... because she may be electable.

Just sayin'

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Ed:  I agree on Jane Kleeb.  I saw an article yesterday announcing her application in which she as much as said that she’d be running for the seat, whether she was appointed or not (I guess we’ll know in the next couple of weeks, because I believe that she’s an incumbent school board member in Hastings, so will have to file by the Feb. 15 deadline).  I don’t know what the process in the past—or in other states—is, but the Governor’s “application” process seems to be his normal West Point-influenced way of doing this.  I know that with the District 2 seat was open a couple of months ago with the Pankonin resignation, several of my acquaintances had “applied” for his consideration, and I recall seeing several other instances of this.  I also saw that with respect to the Hastings seat, the Governor has tried to tap into some of his acquaintances in Hastings to get them to apply, and at least some of them have declined.  You’d think with a Lt. Governor who was mayor of Hastings, that they could come up with someone who would be willing… As to Kerrey, I have no idea whether he could come back here for a political resurrection.  Surely the GOP establishment must be worried about that possibility, considering the pre-emptive strikes they’re running on talk radio, and the e-mail that I’ve gotten.  He would certainly bring a lot more money to the table than would most of the potential Democratic candidates, and in my county (the highest percentage Democrat county in the state, at last check), there are still people who REALLY like him—he sent a fair amount of pork our way… 

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