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Happy Thanksgiving Laura!

You should check out the #optout hastags. People from all over the country are asserting that the TSA shut down most of the pornoscanners for the day, thus depriving people of the opportunity to opt out.

First snow, this winter, here in Germany. Winston's Thanksgiving isn't available here. But I'll find another version on YouTube zatt ze huns are allowed to vatch.

Happy Thnaksgiving to all!

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After I posted this, I ran across a story suggesting just that—which would explain the assertions I kept hearing on the radio that there really hadn’t been any opt-outs, and that traffic was running smoothly.  It also suggests that either the TSA doesn’t really care about airline safety, or that they’ve been lying about the necessity of those scanners to insure it.

I listened to the tune, on my Euro-accessible YouTube, and thought of Ben, who introduced me to Winston. Happy Thanksgiving, Ben!


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