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An occasional case like that would make my work more interesting.

I wish them well. There's nothing like the feeling of persecution and the state's arms are getting longer and longer.

Political asylum instead of economic asylum, Roberto?

I saw that the Immigration Judge granted asylum this week. Chalk up another one for freedom!
"Economic asylum" is a no go. I deal with a lot of asylum cases of Central Americans who have been here for many years. When they applied, civil wars were still raging, but now, 15, 20 years later it's over and so almost all are denied. The few that are granted give me a great deal of satisfaction, like I've save a life or at least changed it for the better.

Here's a story on the asylum victory:


It's nice to know that there are good lawyers out there.

Thanks for the interesting link, Eric.

I can't imagine facing losing your children to the state for something like homeschooling. Frightening thought, and frightening that a supposedly free society would go to such measures to impose its educational will.

Dana, the frightening thing is that noone (over here) sees a problem in the compulsion.

It is considered the most natural, the most desirable thing that the state must take care of the education of our children.

Very true. It seems like a state that can make rooms for drug addicts to get high safely and is so lax in imprisoning people could make some sort of compromise with homeschoolers. Even if that means heavy regulation.

But they seem to be bizarrely obsessed with their compulsory schooling.

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