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There were a few gate-crashers too. Apparently, anyone wearing a tux can get in.


Why in the world would you build a tent when you have a huge house for that sort of thing? Nothing's too good or too over-the-top for our lords and ladies of the inner circle, I guess.

Angela: FYI, I'm still getting a little lettuce out of my garden in late November here in Nebraska. I'll build a hot box this winter and may have arugula in February.

I wonder what size carbon footprint that picnic had.

Hah, one must carbonize in order to "socialize".

Maybe they didnt want to invite those type of people into their house? What would the neighbors say, after all?

That is pretty bizarre. Could they include more people by having the state dinner out on the lawn, in a tend at the END OF NOVEMBER? I don't know how many people any of the big dining rooms/etc. can hold inside the White House, but frankly, it seems to me that the "specialness" of a State Dinner disappears if everyone (well, except for Bill Clinton and Theresa Heinz Kerry) can get in. Just doesn't seem right.

On the politically incorrect side, perhaps the problem was that the President wanted to pretend he was re-enacting the first Thanksgiving--you know, sitting down to dinner with the Indians, and all....



It all strikes me as tent-ative. One thing seems sure, though: one needs to carbonize to socialize, as Eric Parks puts it.

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