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Wow! I'm jealous. :-P

There's a lot of that jealousy going around...

That's awesome! I saw he was addressed a luncheon crowd for $50 a head (alas, I saw it after it was over), and wondered how that was possible! The family reunion makes it fit.

I can't believe he can't convince his brother!

Haha was Wayne Paul there?

I listened to a radio interview he did... he seems to be on the same page as Ron Paul.

Tough to believe that Ron's brother is pro-gov. medicine.

Of course, I know what Caleb and Laura mean by "jealousy," in that sense I am a little envious, too - for who of us would not be absolutely excited to have the opportunity to meet Ron Paul, especially under the circumstances that Eric found himself in.

First and foremost, however, I am overjoyed that a member of our blog has had that experience and let us participate in it to some extent in his wonderful post.

Thank you, Eric.

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