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That's funny, I get the money bomb emails but didn't receive one for this.

I think a different person or group is spearheading this bomb. There's a widget to the right for it.

I stopped over at Break the Matrix and they had the widget there as well.

Just donated and saw my name up there. Hopefully he runs. I'm always hesitant to shell out cash for someone who is still in the exploratory stage of a campaign.

I tend not to give as much during an exploratory stage, but really, being able to raise money or not often determines whether or not someone will run.

Bunning has his campaign website up: http://bunningforsenate.org/
I know that Rand has suggested that he wouldn't challenge Bunning, but Bunning sure seems awfully vulnerable to me, given some of the goofy things he's said, and I'm of the opinion that the Dems will probably really target that race if he Bunning stays in it.

He made it to $50,000! Good for him.

I think Rand should run regardless of Bunning. It would be a good opportunity to get his message out while challenging the conventional republican rhetoric; even if only for the primary season. It would also help to indicate the level of interest in the idea of limited government as well as helping to draw even more people into our camp. Nothing but good could come of it.

Also, great media footage would ultimately result which could be shown later on in order to display Rand Paul's understanding of economics and principled government. This could help him down the road as it has his father.

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