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Good for CNN and the New Hampshire Republican Party.
Faux News is exposing itself to undreamed of blowback on this one. Boycott their sponsors,please.

Im not giving CNN any credit here. I suppose a pat on the back my be in order, but please, this is a long time coming. At this point they are just more or less back-stabbing FOX news. Oh, and I did hear that FOX is letting him in now so thats good. But lets be honest CNN is just as much to blame here, if not -more- for letting the "FOX News Agenda" get away with this censorship for so long.

Paul is going to tromp Giuliana again in the free state of New Hampshire. If we can keep the cross-dressing fascists out of the top tier, I'd call the campaign a success.

While I think this is a bit hypocritical of CNN considering their own lack of coverage (and using words like "fringe" to describe Paul.)I do think it's great that the other networks are jumping on this opportunity to make Fox look bad (its not hard to do) ... in the end this may get Ron Paul more coverage than he would have got on the Fox forum anyway.

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