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The Theory of Evolution and Creationism are both conclusions or explanations of the real world around us. Both attempt to explain how the universe began, when it began, what changes have taken place since it began, and what changes we can expect to see. Both use the same evidence -- the same math, the same elements, the same physics -- but interpret that evidence in different ways.

Evolution Theory is a religion; it is a system of belief that tries to explain the universe. And like all religions, it incorporates and demands faith. That faith is the acceptance of unproven or unprovable "facts". Evolution Theory, like all religions, requires one to be faithful to the tenets of the beliefs. Anyone who disagrees is considered a heretic.

In the end, requiring a presidential candidate to accept the Theory of Evolution as indisputable fact is a matter of control. Yes, it is fair to question if a candidate believes in a particular faith or theory. But the bigger and most important questions is and should be -- does the candidate believe in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights that are to be the governing factor of our nation?

As has been said many times, it is liberty that brings us together. It is the protection of those liberties that is necessary to avoid tyranny -- whether it be communism, socialism, fascism, religious rule, or the dogma of Evolution Theory.

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