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Bloody freakin' brilliant!
My hat is off to this true gentleman & patriot (may their tribe increase)!!

I think Dr. Paul is showing America's men how to be truly a MAN again not an emasculated mind numbed sports addict and more and more of them are rising to the occasion.

Bloody brilliant.

Amen! Let's take our country back! Count me as a Patriot and let's start storming the ramparts!

Please can someone put me in touch with the author. I LOVE this ad and letter.
Would like permission to put in our local paper and get out to everyone I know.
Beautifully, Perfectly put.
Cheers to this fine man!!!!


Absoultely, positively, unmistakenly masterfull. Mr. Lepard has said everything I wanted to say but didn't know how. And like the previous writer, I would much like permission to reprint as much of this as possible in my local newspaper.

I agree w/ most of this, but not that Bush is evil. He's simply misled. The TRUE evil ones are the Socialist Democrats.

I agree with you Bill--I don't think Bush is evil, either. I think he really believes that he's doing "the best thing" and he thinks his actions have America's interests at heart. After voting for him twice, though, I've come to the conclusion that he's wrong.

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