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This is an excellent article. Madison's advice is eerily prophetic and absolutely applicable to the situation we find ourselves in today. A "Nation Gone Wild". This rogue administraion acting with impunity, a complicit, ineffectual Congress, a treasonous fourth estate and a complacent citizenry are the ingredients for disaster. It's odd that this negative confluence would simoultaneously befall us.There seems to be something greater operating behind the curtain of secrecy and black projects. We need Dr. Paul to open the window and turn on the lights.


All of this began with the creation of corporations. These entities have grown to the size, bigger even, than whole nations. Their wealth eclipses most nations. They are global and think on a global scale. They USE each country's resources as they see fit. The US has the resource of MILITARY MIGHT, and they use it to expand their empires. I don't see how one country, even the US, can bring down these goliaths and change the course of affairs in the world now...

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